"A Trusted Resource for Organizations forming Business-Side Business Architecture Practices."

The Plan

This is a working plan for the organization. It will be constantly updated as new insights come in.

Phase I: Define the Institute

  • Create a website for the Institute. green-check
  • Assemble a competent Board of Directors and put the concept of the Institute in front of them, in the form of an Institute website, for them to sound in on, compare notes about, run past trial persons whose opinion they regard.green-check
  • Incorporate. green-check
  • Define the corporate mission, the role the Institute will play in the BA community, and it’s high-level programs. green-check
  • Prepare an initial draft of the Institute’s vision and plan for achieving the vision. green-check
  • Obtain tax exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. green-check

Phase II: Attract Key Partners

  • Introduce the Institute and the Chicago School approach to the corporate and academic communities.
  • Sign a key educational partner and aide them in conducting research and developing educational programs based on the Chicago School approach.
  • Attract participation from well-respected members of the corporate, academic, and management consulting communities.

Phase III: Achieve Standing

  • Build and begin populating the Institute’s Chicago School Library. green-check
  • Encourage and aide in the publication of papers, which support the Chicago School approach, in respected peer-reviewed business journals.
  • Achieve academic recognition.

Phase IV: Ramp Up Fundraising

  • Attract prime donors.

Phase V: Initiate Major Programs

  •  Build the needed staff to achieve the vision/mission.